Cashew Coconut Pudding with Orange Segments

This recipe is inspired by and adapted from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, page 73

Today while thumbing through Ani Phyo’s wonderful contribution to the raw food world Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, I found the perfect recipe [being that I had all the ingredients] called “Cashew Coconut Pudding”.

So here it is! The original recipe itself is great as a stand-alone pudding, however, I tweaked it a bit, adapting it with a citrus note and a splash of organic vanilla. Yum!

One thing, as always, leads to another, after making the pudding I thought a parfait would be an attractive way to present this pudding, alternating layers of this silky smooth pudding with fresh orange segments. Delicious!

PREP: 5 Minutes TOTAL: 5 Minutes

I adapted this recipe adding organic, non-alcohol vanilla, and substituted fresh orange juice in place of water. I also used dried coconut and didn’t soak the cashews. You can play around with a few variables here. For example, had I had fresh coconut on hand I would have used fresh coconut milk or even coconut water in place of the water. For even more pronounced coconut flavor, you might try adding a small splash of coconut extract.

2 cups cashews
1 ½ cups fresh orange juice
½ cup shredded dried coconut or fresh coconut
¼ cup pitted dates
2 teaspoons organic vanilla

Blend the cashews and water until smooth. Add the dates and coconut. Blend until smooth.

Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve. Will keep for three to four days in the fridge.

TOOLS: High-speed Blender

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