Natural Living Cuisine is the offspring of my interest and enthusiasm for natural food and from my transition to a raw food diet in March of 2007. This blog is a post-by-post chronicle focused on natural organic plant-based foods made into raw food recipes.

What is raw “vegan” food?

What is considered “raw vegan” is plant-based food sources typically not heated over 118° Fahrenheit / 48° Celsius.

Raw vegan food is:

NATURAL organic, plant-based food made from

LIVING and raw food, such as, edible flowers | fruits | herbs | legumes | mushrooms [fruit bodies] | nuts | sea vegetables | seeds | spices | sprouts | vegetables, to create

CUISINE prepared raw, sprouted, dehydrated by low temperatures [not exceeding 118°F /48°C] or in combination.


I have always had an adventurous spirit when is come to good food, especially since I discovered the raw food lifestyle. Exploring and learning how to prepare wholesome foods raw is a fun and unique challenge which has lead me on this path as a food writer, recipe developer, and author of the Raw Epicurean recipe book series. Visit my other raw food blog Raw Epicurean.